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Research Strategy

Research Strategy

Research Strategy

Our core strategies set out how we propose to build upon Soore’s existing strengths and share the knowledge we create with the wider world. They are also informed, as relevant, by our new overarching priorities.


Measures Taken in the Area of Research:

  • Supporting the research activities and the dissertation related to the subjects.
  • Established the postgraduate education council and compiling a list of the subjects of university student these towards development and evolution plan of Soore University.
  • Arranging to hold free-thought meeting coordinated with related centers.


The most important functions of research Vice-chairmanship in the second period (from 2006 till 2012)

  • Proceeding to modify and restore the subject material
  • Holding seminars and educational workshops since 2010 until present
  • The most important conferences held
  • Other meeting
  • Islamic art research center

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