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The division of dissertations in the libraries of Soore University is one of the highly enriched research and scientific parts in a way that in addition to putting the summary of these in both English and Persian language on Website, the original version of essay along with CDs in the ormat pf pdf is provided with university students for more studies in the study hall of the library.

The library of Soore University with more than 27000 titles in Persian and 4000 titles of books in Latin in the fields of art and architecture is one of the most development existing libraries. The library and communicating unit, a cultural unit with an Iranian and Islamic identification which has influence on authorities, has educational, informative and acquainting functions, paves the way to promote usuful studies and enjoys the commited and expert human capital, is under the supervision of the educational vice-chairmanship and is proceeding to offer services according to the current standards of library science with the aim of facilitating the access of researchers, professors and university students to all necessary hardware and software facilities in a quiet and secure place.


Library contents:

  • Online library
  • Technical service
  • Categorizing the books
  • Borrowing books
  • Issuing membership cards and facilitating the client access to resources
  • Take the responsibility for preparing the books needed for each libraries in Soore University

Take the responsibility for preparing the providing specialized journals and publications of the other faculties

Address: No. 252 in the corner of Kamyaran Between Khosh and Azarbaryijan st Azadi street Tehran
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