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Soore at a Glance

Soore at a Glance

Soore at a Glance

The Introduction of Soore University

Former name : Soore Higher Education  Institution.


The art department of Islamic Propaganda Organization began to work independently  in the early years of 1970’s in the area of  teaching various art courses and so far , thousands of trainees in different parts of  the country have been instructed in different art courses by these facilities and  make use of their educations formally or  informally. In the beginning of the period of leadership, following the words of supreme leadership  regarding the attention of the art  department to the underlying ,monumental and fundamental works and also ; the necessity of extensively active attending  and role playing of the aware and  committed artists ,which should be suitable to the comprehensive dimensions of the cultural invasion, after doing a lot of surveys, the art department got determined to set up an academic unit to solve the major problems of artists and those interested in art  in the area of shortcoming of the educational spaces by making use of its artistic and cultural experiences and to compensate for the lack of the presence of the work forces acquainted with the problems of  the artistic and cultural society and to fulfill the objective of promoting the ritual art  and tending the literature of Islamic  revolution by cultivating the committed and religious human forces. To explain the mentioned policy, Soore educational institution, which had been initially created to independently hold the training courses, was formally registered and continued its activity under the title of Soore Higher Education Institution. 


In 2003 ,the vice-chairmanship of the Art Department of Islamic propaganda organization proceeded to establish Soore non-profit higher education institution of  the second type .After meeting with the  approval of High Council and consolidating  its Acts to acknowledge second type institutions, Sooreh non-profit Higher  Education Institution of the second type was promoted to the first type in the spring of 1997. Soore higher education institution has two other branches .the branch of Isfahan  established in August 1996 with two  courses in cinema and theatre and the  branch of Ardebil established in 17 Nvember 1996 with two courses in architecture at Associate’s degree and the  rebuilding and the restoring of the monuments at BA. degree.


Furthermore; in 2010 ,after coming to a  principle agreement ,Soore higher  Education institution was converted to a university. In 2012 ,by kind permission of the Ministry ofScience ,Research and Technology, Sooreh University managed to hold the courses in cinema and Islamic architecture  at MA. degree and after obtaining the related license in 2013 ,the higher education programming and development  council of the Science Ministry will declare  forchanging the name of Soore Higher Education Institution to  Soore University.


Also; for running the courses in cultural relations and propaganda ,media laws and the media management at MA. Degree ,the required arrangements was made among  which sooreh succeeded to obtain the  necessary permissions for holding the  courses in cultural relations and propaganda at MA. Degree along with journalism and  public relations at BA. Degree in2006-2007.Since  the February of 2007,university students were taken In these three courses. In 2009, Sooreh managed to run the first course In the management of cultural affairs at BA Degree.   In the same year, by permission of the  Science Ministry, Sooreh began to accept  the university students in some courses without holding the entrance exams. In june 2013,  the Higher Education Programming and Development office of the Science Ministry declared for running the management of public relations course at BA. Degree and  the courses on media management and the management of the cultural programming at MA. Degree.

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