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Theater Department

Theater Department

Theater Department

Akram  Ghasempour

The Head of Theater Department
The Faculty Member of Theater Department in the Arts Faculty  Educational Background :Having a High School diploma in experimental sciences ,Kermanshah,1981 ; having a BA in theater (dramatic literature), Tehran University ( fine arts),1990 ;having a MA degree in acting and directing ,Azad University of Tehran, 1995 , the PhD candidate of Research Art in Art University of Isfahan.

About Theater Department:

Theater Department commenced its work since 1993 to promote the Islamic art and culture by using the artistic and technical facilities and equipment. This department was jointly working with cinema department under the title of cinema-theater department which they seceded from each other at the end of that year. The educational courses of this department were held at Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree in the fields of directing, acting, dramatic literature and poppet show. In 1995, along with changing the situation of Soore University from a second type higher education institution to a first type institution and with an agreement made with Sanjesh Organization of the Science Ministry, this university was supposed to admit university students through general entrance examination and also to change the position of the admissions of this university in 1993 and 1994 from Associate’s to Bachelor’s degree. Theater department did not accept any university student in 1995, 1996, 1997 and again in 1998, after admitting university students in 1993 and 94, took students in all fields. At present, the field of acting is the only course in which this university does not take any students.

The main facilities of this department comprise equipment and two equipped workshops for poppet show and design scene along with an equipped room especial for makeup and mask classes and a theater salon having light and makeup room called the Master Akbar Radi Theater Salon containing 50 people and four salons for practicing theater which one of them is equipped with light system and has been assigned to poppet show performances of the university students.

Address: No. 252 in the corner of Kamyaran Between Khosh and Azarbaryijan st Azadi street Tehran
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