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Graphic Department

Graphic Department

Graphic Department
Victoria Karimi

The Head of Graphic Department and the Faculty Member of the Arts Faculty


Educational Background: Having a High School diploma in experimental science , Shiraz ,1982; having a Bachelor’s degree in graphic from Al-Zahra University , 1992 , having a Master’s degree in portraiture and illumination ,Tehran University,1999.

About Graphic Department:

Graphic department commenced its work from 1993 to circulate and promote the Islamic art and culture by using the technical and artistic facilities and equipment. The educational courses are run in BA and MA degrees by two faculty members: Victoria Karimi and Kiyarash Zandi and on average forty invited professors in each semester. The main facilities of this department are the workshops equipped with computer, projection video, printing and sculpture workshop and photography laboratory and the university students in this course along with experienced and distinguished professors have attained remarkable achievements in the fields of graphic , Print, packaging ,illustrating and etc during the long years .In brief , the most important functions of this department Include the following cases:

1- Holding several rounds of Tamasha university student festival;

2-Holding educational workshops in the fields of graphic, printing, packaging ,illustrating ,etc ;

3- Holding numerous exhibitions including Asma-ol-hosna , the bases of color ,caricature , the works of faculty members and many other student exhibitions ;

4- Holding several rounds of specialized meetings in the presence of the experts and masters of graphic, print and illumination;           

5- Designing more than one hundred pictograms (Visual Symbols) in different places of Soore University.

Address: No. 252 in the corner of Kamyaran Between Khosh and Azarbaryijan st Azadi street Tehran
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